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Availabilty sheet 10

Chairman's Newsletter Number 25

Resumption of play arrangements
Do not enter the rink if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID 19) symptoms

The latest availability sheet may be downloaded from the website
Sheet 10 in PDF
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City & County of Bristol Bowling Association Web Site
For Information & results about the Clarence Davey and county competitions.

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Availability Sheet Schedule

Sheet No Period Covered Issue Date Return Date
1 Sun 10 Apr to Wed 27 Apr Note 1 Sat 09 Apr
2 Sat 30 Apr to Wed 11 May Sat 09 Apr Tue 19 Apr
3 Sat 14 May to Wed 25 May Sat 23 Apr Tue 03 May
4 Sat 28 May to Wed 08 Jun Sat 07 May Tue 17 May
5 Sat 11 Jun to Wed 22 Jun Sat 21 May Tue 31 May
6 Sat 25 Jun to Wed 06 Jul Sat 04 June Tue 14 Jun
7 Sat 09 Jul to Wed 20 Jul Sat 18 Jun Tue 28 Jun
8 Sat 23 Jul to Wed 03 Aug Sat 02 Jul Tue 12 Jul
9 Sat 06 Aug to Wed 17 Aug Sat 16 Jul Tue 26 Jul
10 Sat 20 Aug to Thu 01 Sep Sat 30 Jul Tue 09 Aug
11 Sat  03 Sep to Wed 14 Sep Sat 13 Aug Tue 23 Aug
12 Sat 17 Sep to Wed 28 Sep Sat 27 Aug Tue 06 Sep
13 Sat 01 Oct to Wed 05 Oct Sat 10 Sep Tue 20 Sep

Note 1

A copy of this Schedule together with a Copy of Availability Sheet No 1 will be issued with the 2022 Membership Pack.

Note 2

It is now possible for members to sign up for friendly matches in three ways; • collect their Named Availability Sheet from Box at the Rink Pavilion Shed, fill it out, retain your half, and replace in the box or • download from website and post a copy to the Collator, Angela Thoburn, 71 Kenmore Crescent, Filton, Bristol BS7 0TP or • download and email to in any case, no later than the date given on this Schedule.

Note 3

Members will need to check the Selection Sheet Posted on the The Notice Board on the Rink Gate to see if they have been Selected to play and also check the name of the Captain of the day, for each fixture.