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25th Anniversary Events

Annual luncheon and prize presentation. 1st Dec: Starts midday at the BAWA Club. Tickets available from Mo Fagan.

Our popular out of season Coffee Mornings take place on the second Monday of the month.

December's "Mince pies and Mulled Wine" Coffee morning will now be on December 16th

Charmains's Newsletter Number 7

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City & County of Bristol Bowling Association Web Site
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Refreshment Rota 2019

(Last updated 01/04/2019)

If you are unable to meet the dates shown please arrange alternative cover.


Click on the link below for a useful guide on what to do when it is your turn on the refreshment rota.

Guidelines for Refreshment Duties

Sun 14-Apr   2:30   Keynsham 5 Delvene Sherman; Ron Wills; Alan Cook 
Tues  23-Apr   2:00   Kingswood & Hanham 5 Dave & Irene Cole; Mike Cole
Sat   27-Apr   2:30   Page Park 5 Andy & Kath Evans; Mike Ellery
Sun  28-Apr   2:30   Congresbury 4 Mo Fagan; Sue Taylor; Alan Eaglestone
Sat  04-May   2:30   City & Port of Bristol 4 Ken & Rita Maynard; Maurice Batson
Sun  05-May   2:30   Kingswood & Hanham 5 Val Knowles; Mick Warren; Henri Skuse
Wed 15-May  2:30   Yate & District 5 Alan Smith; Bernard & Julie Ferris
Wed  22-May  2:30   Victoria Park  5/6 Dave Wilmott; John Foley; Roy Hale
Wed  05-Jun   2:30   Cotswold Triples  5/6 Martin & Debbie Holwell; John & Julia Philpott
Tues  11-Jun   2:00   Knowle 5 Gary & Jane Warburton; Richard Brooks
Wed 12-Jun   2:30   Bristol Arrows 4 Colin & Jane Dark; Maurice Catlyn
Sat 22-Jun   2:30   G.B.Britton 5 Colin & Josie Smith; Barrie Coombes
Sun 23-Jun   2:30   Henleaze 4 John & Ann Sedman; Mervyn Western
Tues 25-Jun   2:30   St.Andrews & Kildare 3 Colin & Maureen Whittle
Sat 29-Jun   2:30   Canford 5 Eileen & Roger Ferguson;Julian & Pat Holloway
Sat 06-Jul   2:30   Bristol Omnibus 4 Jan & Bill Brookshaw; Ken Willcox
Sun 07-Jul   2:30   Avonmouth 5 Cedric Fletcher; Ann Marten; Mike Parsons
Sun 14-Jul   2:30   Wilmott Park 4 Mike Hazell; Bill Ayliffe; Ken Jones
Sat 27-Jul   2:30   Victoria Park 5 Graham Ford; Chris Everett; Terry Clash
Sun 28-Jul   2:30   Purnells 4 Dave Parker; Dave Allen; Ann Nash
Wed 31-Jul   2:30   Olveston 4 Rita & Ken Maynard; Stuart James
Sat 03-Aug   2:30   Eastvillians/Whitehall 4 Delvene Sherman;Ron Wills;Alan Eaglestone
Wed 07-Aug   2:30   Page Park 5 Bernard & Julie Ferris; Mike Ellery
Wed 14-Aug   2:30   Severn Vale 5 M.Fagan; S.Taylor; Mick Warren; 
Sun 18-Aug   2:30   Ardagh 5 Dave Wilmott; Alan Cook; Mike Cole
Sat 24-Aug   2:00   Fosseway 4 Dave & Irene Cole; Alan Smith
Sat  31-Aug   2:30   Eastvillians/Whitehall 4 Andy & Kath Evans; Roy Hale
Wed 04-Sep   2:30   Bradley Stoke 4/6 Mike Parsons; Graham Ford; J & J Phillpott
Wed 11-Sep   2:30   Bristol Omnibus 5 Maureen & Colin Whittle; Ken Willcox
Sat  14-Sep   2:30   St.Andrews & Kildare 4 Jane & Gary Warburton; John Foley
Wed 18-Sep  2:30   Avonmouth 5 Cedric Fletcher; Ann Marten; Richard Brooks
Thur  19-Sep   2:00   GB Britton Ladies 3 Ann Boaden; Julian & Pat Holloway
Sun  22-Sep   2:30   Olveston 5/6 M & D Holwell;Val Knowles; Mervyn Western
Thur  26-Sep   2:30   Severn Vale 4 Denise Rydon; Stuart James; Dave Parker
Sat  28-Sep   2:30   Greenbank 5 Ann & John Sedman; Terry Clash; M.Catlyn
Sun  29-Sep   2:30   Bradley Stoke 5 Ann Nash; Mike Hazell; Ken Jones

Please view and make a note in your diary the dates that you have been allocated.

If any of these dates are inconvenient please arrange a swap with another member.

The list is available in the Pavilion and on the web site.