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Improve your knowledge of bowls and become a marker for the club. Courses run on Saturday 27th January 2017 and Saturday 24th February 2018

Novice Singles Rules.

1. Matches are to be played on a date agreed by both players on or before the “Play by” date shown and if this should not be possible due to the unavailability of one player, advice should be sought from the club competition organiser.

2. The players should arrange for a club member to stand as marker. The marker must not remove shots from the head.

3. Each player will use 4 woods. To ensure that the most consistent player is rewarded, at each end the first 4 nearest woods will score points as follows: The nearest wood will score 4 points The second nearest wood will score 3 points The third nearest wood will score 2 points The fourth nearest wood will score 1 point Thus each end there will be a total of 10 points shared between the two players according to whose woods lie 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

4. No player shall have practiced or played on the day of the match on the rink being used for the match. Trial ends to be played before the match starts.

5. The player conceding a shot should remove the opponents shot being conceded from the head until the 4 scoring woods have been removed

6. Any measure will be carried out by the marker who will seek agreement to the decision of the measure.

7. If during the game the jack leaves the rink a “dead end” will be declared with no one scoring and the next end will be played.

8. If the winner cannot be decided by a measure and the end is tied 5 points should be awarded to each player and no further woods will score at that end.

9. The winner will be the first player to reach 100 points. If at the completion of an end after scoring all 4 woods both players tie at 100 then a further end will be played to break the tie. If at the completion of an end after scoring all 4 woods one player reaches 100 and the other exceeds 100 the player with the higher points will be the winner.

10. Dress for all rounds is as per the club dress code.

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