Coffee Mornings take place on the second Monday of the month in the pavilion during the closed season

Improve your knowledge of bowls and become a marker for the club. Courses run on Saturday 27th January 2017 and Saturday 24th February 2018

General Competition Rules.

All games to be played under the rules of the International Bowling Board.

Currently the club competitions comprise:

  • Novices: open to any club member who has not won a club trophy.
  • 2 Bowl Pairs: open to any club member.
  • Pairs: open to any club member.
  • Ladies' Singles: open to all lady members.
  • Men's Singles: open to all male members.

All games must be played by the date stated on the draw sheets. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. illness or inclement weather, the competition organiser may grant an extension. No extensions will be granted for semi-final matches.

Combining more than one competition in any one game will result in the competitors being disqualified from those competitions.

Finals Day is fixed. Any player unable to compete on Finals Day is asked to withdraw from the competition before the quarter-final stage.

In the event of players qualifying for more than one final it may be necessary to bring forward a particular final to a time and date to be decided by the competition organiser.

The first named player(s) shall be the challenger(s) and will be responsible for offering reasonable dates to the opponent(s) to play a competition. They will also be responsible for booking a rink and arranging a marker. In the event of a game not being played by the due date and the challenger(s) having not offered any dates then the challenger(s) will be eliminated from the competition.

The umpire will be appointed by the competition organiser.

Should any member require any other ruling pertaining to club competitions they should contact the competition organiser.

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