BGBC – Rink Booking Rules

When playing any of the Novices, Singles or Pairs Club Competitions, Bristol or County Competitions OR having a Roll-up/Practise the following rules apply as regards choosing/booking of a rink.

  1. The green is open for play on Mon – Fri from 12:30 and Sat – Sun from 10:00.

  2. You must book a rink in the Diary in order to guarantee being able to play at your preferred time. Failure to place an entry in the diary means you may not be able to play on your desired day/time.

  3. In order to reserve a specific rink you must state the desired rink number (+ direction & colour if appropriate) with your booking in the diary. Add the date you are making the booking so that “1st booked gets 1st choice”. Failure to do this means you must choose on the day from whatever rink is not already in use.

  4. All Club matches, Friendly, League, County etc. (whether entered in the diary or not), take precedence and overrule any individual’s specific rink booking. However these matches should also be entered in the diary well in advance to prevent any clashes and controversy.

BGBC Committee - October 2017